AMP Stories

Design, development and editing. The Washington Post was one of eight launch partners for Google's AMP Stories, released in February of 2018. AMP Stories are a highly visual, mobile-first storytelling framework. I’ve built templates, defined styles and overseen a multidiscipliary team that has produced more than 200 stories in this format. Examples of stories the team has produced include: a wildfire explainer, a look at a Houston neighborhood a year after Hurricane Harvey, a roundup of all the Trump administration officials who say they did not write the NYT ‘resistance’ op-ed and a celebration of Burt Reynolds’s mustache

The death of the electric guitar

Art direction and development. Writer Geoff Edgers reported a story that suggested the days of the electric guitar were long behind us. Videographer Erin O’Connor and I burned a guitar to help underscore the point (see the post I wrote about our process). View the full project here.

Centennial of the National Park Service

Design and development. In anticipation of the centennial, we created an experience where users could record which parks they had visited and share their memories. View full project

A Marine’s convictions

Design and development. For John Woodrow Cox’s investigation of a Marine officer who said he was wrongly convicted, we incorporated audio and a menu that tracked the reader’s progress. Users could save their spot in the story and return to it later, or opt to receive an email with a link taking them back to that spot. View full project.

Walk This Way

Design and development with Seth Blanchard. Author Geoff Edgers spoke with more than 40 people for his oral history of Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C.’s "Walk This Way," pegged to the song's 30th birthday. Geoff secured previously unreleased footage of the song's recording, which we incorporated as autoplaying video throughout the piece. Additionally, whenever another song was mentioned, we provided inline audio samples. A character list helped remind users who’s who throughout the story. View full project.

Political issues graphic

Design and development. Editors at The Post wanted to create a social experience that allowed readers to share each candidate's viewpoints ahead of the presidential election. We created an alternative story form that condensed the viewpoints to a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response. Each of the viewpoints was shareable via Twitter and Facebook. View the project.

Print pages

A selection of pages I’ve designed at The Washington Post and the Tampa Bay Times.